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Oxfordshire Sport and Physical Activity wants to offer you the best possible In the Zone Coach Education Programme. Therefore we have looked into further Sports Coach UK workshops that might be just what you and your club need!

There currently 8 workshops that can be added to In the Zone. Firsty, we would like you to fill out the short Form below and express interest in specific workshops. Based on interest, we will decide on which workshops to persue and will contact you with further details.

Thank you.

The 8 workshop opportunities are as below:

1.How to Deliver Engaging Sessions for Young People

This workshop equips coaches with the valuable knowledge and skills needed to be better meet the needs of 14-25 year olds. Through the use of practical examples, coaches will learn about new participants' neds, including how to build their self-confidence, motivation and self-esteem. This in turn will help them improve the coaching experience of young people and help to ensure they keep coming for more sport.

2. Effective Communication: Coaching Deaf People in Sport

This workshop aims to equip coaches at any level with the knowledge and confidence to support deaf people of all abilities in any coaching environment, develop their own communication skills as coaches and be able to support deaf people achieve their ultimate sporting goals. It uses theory and practical examples which will help reinforce the appropriate messages and approaches coaches should take when coaching. It also provides information relating to health and safety implication when coaching deaf people as well as an introduction into deaf sport, types of deafness and good and bad coaching practice.

3. How to Deliver Engaging Sessions: A Guide for Developing Adults Through Sport

This workshop equips coaches with the knowledge and skills needed to grow and sustain participation beyong the first few sessions. Coaches will learn about new participants' needs, including how to build their self-confidence. Ultimately, how people feel about those first few sessions will ensure they keep coming back again and again.

4. Positive Behaviour Management in Sport

This workshop aims to increase coaches' awareness of the behaviour of young people, and the impact a coach's own behaviour may have on others.

5. Inclusive Coaching: Disability

Coaches at Level 2 and above will be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to create an inclusive environment for people of all abilities in any coaching environment, understand the basics around player pathway and classification in disability sport to ensure their disabled participants can be fully supported along an appropriate competition pathway.

6. Coaching Children (5-12)

This workshop is designed to help children's coaches improve their soft and personal skills to become more effective coaches. Using the 'C' system of coaching, it will equip them with new tools to incorporate positive youth development into their sessions and beyond. The workshop will also give coaches the opportunity to share good practice with others, and pick up new ideas for their own coaching practice.

7. An Introduction to the FUNdamentals of Movement

This practical workshop explores the concepts of Agility, Balance, Coordination, and speed (ABCs), helping coaches to observe, analyse and coach good movement patterns within multi-skill or sport-specific environments.

8. How to Coach Disabled People in Sport

This workshop aims to asnwer all the commonly asked questions about disabled participants in sport and how to set up coaching session to suit their needs. It gives advice on how to plan a session or make minor adjustments to the way you work, to make your coaching more effective.

For further information please click on the workshop, which will direct you to the description page.

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