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Oxfordshire's Strategic Framework for Sport and Physical Activity has been developed over the last 18 months in conjunction with partners and stakeholders. Work done includes desk top insight work , the development of the Oxfordshire Strategic Needs Analysis, partner surveys, Networking Events, 1 to 1 meetings, consultation and the work of the Oxfordshire Sport and Physical Activity Board and Strategy Sub Group.

The Framework itself is made up on 2 key parts.

Part one is an Outcomes Framework Triangle showing how Oxfordshire Sport and Physical Activity's priorities contribute to wider national and local social outcomes.

The more organisations and strategic bodies that adopt the strategic priorities the easier and more effective partnership/collaborative working will be in the county on countywide issues.

Part 2 shows how Oxfordshire Sport and Physical Activity contributes in more detail by being clear on its purpose, values , priorities and the overall Oxfordshire Vision it is working towards.