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Water Skiing & Wakeboard

Water Skiing & Wakeboard

Water skiing and wakeboarding are surface water sports where an individual is pulled behind a motor boat or cable tow. It is both a recreational activity and a competitive sport although most people ride for fun and to keep fit.

You can participate by skiing on two skis, one ski, riding a wakeboard or a kneeboard, barefoot, or on a disc or other means of keeping afloat! You don't even need to own a speed boat to take part, as many facilities have club boats or cable tows, making participation in this sport much more affordable.

Get involved in Water Skiing

British Water Ski and Wakeboard

British Water Ski and Wakeboard (BWSW) are the national governing body of the sport and are responsible for issuing qualifications.

BWSW covers a number of different disciplines; the majority of participants are within tournament and wakeboarding. The different disciplines are as follows:

  • Tournament – traditional water skiing comprising of slalom, trick and jump. This is done behind a boat but can also be on a cable tow although this is limited. There is a strong competition structure for this discipline.
  • Wakeboard – similar to snowboarding in look and terminology. This can be done behind a boat but is very prevalent on the cable tow systems.
  • Kneeboard – Excellent at introducing new participants, this is the way most people start at a cable tow.
  • Ski Racing – Small discipline, in the UK this is a coastal activity. Ski Racing is the fastest form of water skiing there is. You race against other skiers that can be right by your side at up to 200kph.
  • Barefoot – Small discipline. Compete in slalom, trick and jump.
  • Disabled – Competition skiing is in the same events as Tournament Slalom, Trick and Jump. BWSW work with British Disabled Water Ski Association to support the inclusion of disabled participants

Useful Links

Website – www.bwsw.org.uk

Club Finder - www.bwsw.org.uk/clubs/

For more information contact:

Email: development@bwsf.co.uk