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Volleyball is an Olympic team sport in which two teams of 6 players are separated by a net. Each team tries to score points by grounding a ball on the other team's court under organized rules.[1] This article focuses on competitive indoor volleyball; numerous other variations of volleyball have developed, most notably the Olympic spin-off sport beach volleyball.

Sitting volleyball is another version of Volleyball that has been adapted to allow anyone to participate including those with a disability.

To play at an International level there are certain classification requirements that need to be met in terms of disabilities. Sitting volleyball has enjoyed full Paralympic status since 1980, with a Great Britain Team previously competing at the highest level until 1991.

More recently since the announcement of 2012 the Great Britain programme has been re-established and Volleyball England now lead on these squads in preparation for London. The game is also an excellent vehicle for players returning from injury during rehabilitation.

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Volleyball England

Volleyball England is the recognised National Governing Body for Volleyball, Beach Volleyball and Sitting Volleyball in England. Volleyball England is responsible for the development, promotion and delivery of Volleyball across England.

Go Spike!

Go Spike is your chance to try volleyball. Whether you've never played before and want to give it a go or you haven't played since you were at school - or on holiday - Go Spike gives you the opportunity to come and try!

Go Spike sessions run all year round across England at numerous events, Volleyball Clubs and Universities.

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