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Snowsport offers so much more. For a start there are many different sports within this sport! There are also many different ways people can participate.

There is a very strong summer programme of races and competitions across England with an event almost every weekend from April through to October. These take place both indoors and outdoors and again regularly attract up to 300 entries. This list does not include the local summer and winter league races that are run around the country for people new to the sport.

In addition to those who compete there are many other people who participate in other ways through recreational skiing and boarding. Find your local slope and give it a go!

Get involved in Snowsport

Snowsport England

Snowsport England is the National Governing Body for English skiers and snowboarders. With well over a million skiers and snowboarders visiting ski slopes and mountain country to take part in Alpine, Snowboarding, Cross-Country, Touring, Ski Touring, Racing and Freestyle, Snowsport England has the job of servicing these interests. It prepares representative teams and also handles training of coaches, performers and officials

For more information contact:

Snowsport England
Tel: 01509 232323
Email: info@snowsportengland.org.uk

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