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Ice Skating

Ice Skating

Under the general term of 'figure skating' there are five separate competitions at International Level:

  • Men's singles skating
  • Ladies' singles skating
  • Ice dancing
  • Pairs skating
  • Synchronized skating

International figure skating today, with its graceful beauty and creativity, could be described by its audiences as a performing art. However, figure skating has been a competitive sport for over a hundred years.

Figure skating is forever making sporting leaps because it constantly offers new challenges, such as higher jumps and more rotations. With their amazing levels of fitness, agility and artistic talent, top skaters strive to be the world's best.

Ice dancing is a popular recreational sport as well as a major focal point of international competitions. Like competition-level pairs skating, it is elegant and dazzling, but it does not have the jumps, over-head lifts or extended spins. Ice dancing has different rules and a greater emphasis on the way people move to the music

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