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Goalball was invented in Europe in 1946 and was used for sport and rehabilitation for the post WWII blind veterans.

The game was introduced to the world in 1976 at the Paralympic Games in Toronto, Canada and the first world championships were held in Austria in 1978. Women first competed in goalball at the 1984 Paralympic Games in New York, USA.

Goalball is a team sport for men and women. A team is comprised of six players with no more than three players per team on the court at any one time. The object is to roll the ball past opposition defence and into the opponent's goal. A bell inside the competition ball enables defending players to hear it and try to prevent its passage. Matches are played on a court 18m x 9m in two, seven minute halves, with three players on each side.


Get involved in Goalball

Goalball UK

Goalball UK are the national governing body for the sport of Goalball within the UK.

Goalball UK are working hard to develop new clubs throughout the country and regularly hold 'have a go' sessions

If you're interested in playing goalball, becoming a coach or an official then visit the below site to find out more.

For more information contact:

Goalball UK
Tel: 0114 223 5670
Email: enquiries@goalballuk.com

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