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Disability Sport

Disability Sport

Oxfordshire Sports Partnership is committed to equality in sport and getting more disabled people involved in sport. We work with a variety of partners to ensure equality of opportunity is at the heart of all sport and physical activity provision across Oxfordshire.

Contacting a National Disability Sport Organisation is also a good starting point to get involved in sport and for those wanting to develop their talent.

If you want to find out more about our disability and inclusive sport offer please visit our dedicated page by clicking the link below:

Get involved Disability Sport

English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS)

English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS) are the national sports body for disabled people in England. Their vision is that disabled people are active for life. EFDS champions opportunities for disabled people to enjoy sport, supporting the sport and physical activity sectors to be more inclusive.

The EFDS work with those in the relevant sectors to provide inclusive opportunities as well as encouraging more disabled people to take part. Where there are gaps in provision, we help by delivering programmes to meet the needs of disabled people.

English Federation of Disability Sport
Tel: 01509 227750
Email: federation@efds.co.uk

British Blind Sport

British Blind Sport (BBS) provides sport and recreation for blind and visually impaired people. BBS has become the leading voice for blind and partially sighted people in sport and leisure in the UK. From grassroots to Paralympic representation, BBS encourages particpation in sport at all levels.

British Blind Sport
Tel: 01926 424247
Email: info@britishblindsport.org.uk

Cerebral Palsy Sport (CP Sport)

Cerebral Palsy Sport promotes and seeks to increase sport and physical recreational opportunities for people with a disability and especially those who have cerebral palsy. They provide advice and guidance as well as delivering sporting opportunities from play to performance.

Cerebral Palsy Sport
Tel: 0115 9257027
Email: info@cpsport.org

Dwarf Sports Association

Dwarf Sports Association aims to make regular sporting opportunity accessible and enjoyable to anyone and everyone of restricted growth, regardless of their race, colour, ethnic origin, gender, location, sporting ability or financial support. We promote and develop sport for persons of restricted growth and to enable them to enter and compete in sport on an equal footing.

Dwarf Sports Association
Tel: 01246 296485

Mencap Sport

Mencap Sport works with the governing bodies of sport and other sports providers to promote opportunities for people with a learning disability at all levels. Mencap Sport believes that people with a learning disability should have the same opportunities to participate, enjoy and excel in sport at all levels.

Mencap Sport
Tel: 020 7608 3254
Email: sport@mencap.org.uk

Special Olympics Great Britain (SOGB)

Special Olympics is proud to be the country's largest provider of year-round sports training and competition programmes for children and adults with intellectual (learning) disabilities.

Special Olympics Great Britain
Tel: 0207 247 8891

UK Deaf Sport (UKDS)

UK Deaf Sport encourages people who are deaf or hard of hearing to participate, enjoy and excel at sport. They provide information on sporting events throughout the UK and are linked to the Deaflympics.

UK Deaf Sport
Tel: 01905 746301 ext. 322
Email: office@ukds.org.uk


WheelPower is the national charity for wheelchair sport. They provide information on opportunities, facilities and equipment to enable disabled people to participate in sport and lead healthy active lives.

Tel: 01296 395995
Email: info@wheelpower.org.uk

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