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School Sport

School Sport includes the wider opportunities available in sport at school, outside of curriculum physical education. These could include extra-curricular sports sessions, School Games and holiday sports clubs run by the school. Comprehensive school sport provision provides a wide range of opportunities for pupils to further develop skills acquired in physical education by offering specialism or competition, whilst encouraging continued activity in a community setting.

School sport provision

  • Does the school have any high quality links with local clubs?Are pupils given the opportunity to experience competitive school sport both in-house and against other schools in a range of sports and activities?
  • Are pupils offered opportunities to expand other skills such as leadership and communication?
  • Is school sport provision open and accessed by all pupils?

Options for adressing the provision

If you have completed your self-review and one of the areas for development is improving the provision of schools sport. Below are some options of how you could use the PE and Sport Premium to address this need:

Option 1 – Purchase professional development opportunities for staff members in specific sports and formats.

Option 2 – Increase participation in the Oxfordshire Sainsbury's School Games by hiring transport, purchasing specific equipment or allowing teachers release time to accompany teams to competitions.

Option 3 – Develop tangible school-club links with quality assured local community clubs.

Option 4 – Buy-in quality assured coaches to increase extra-curricular sport provision. These could be through a National Governing Body of Sport or local organisation.

Option 5 – Upskill lunchtime assistants, or train 'playtime activators' to provide activity during break and lunch periods.

Option 6 – Develop new after-school and holiday clubs and provide places for pupils.

Where to find support

These are several organisation and contacts able to support you:

Oxfordshire School Games