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Maximising the PE and school sport investment

On 13th February, Oxfordshire Sport and Physical Activity working with the Youth Sport Trust, association for Physical Education, and the North Oxfordshire School Sport Partnership held a briefing for Oxfordshire Primary School Head Teachers and governors.

Baroness Sue Campbell CBE, Sue Wilkinson and Carole Raymond addressed the impact high quality PE provision can have on whole school improvement, the opportunities available through the new National Curriculum, and the Ofsted's expectations of schools regarding the funding.

The presentations and resources used at the briefing can be downloaded from the links below.

Key messages and recurring themes from all speakers:

  • Every child has the right to high quality PE and school sport
  • PE and school sport can support a number of wider school agendas such as attainment, attendance, developing resilient and confident young people
  • The funding is an opportunity for transformational long-term change, not just a short-term alteration
  • Looking at PE, competitive school sport, and physical activity in turn; undertake an audit of the skills and competancy gaps in your school teaching staff
  • Develop an engaging curriculum based on the needs of your children
  • Similar to Pupil Premium, put a brief statement on your website highlighting your plans for the funding
  • Good teaching of physical education is no different to good teaching in any other subject!

Resources and Presentations

Workplace Challenge

The speakers also highlighted the importance of staff leading by example, and the benefits just a small amount of activity could make to staff. So why not encourage staff to log activity with the Workplace Challenge?