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Health-focused physical activity

Health-focused physical activity encompasses any activity targeting children who would not usually take part in sporting activities, but would benefit from being physically active.

Health-focused activity provision

  • Do PE lessons and sport sessions promote healthy living?
  • Are pupils given the opportunity to explore spiritual, moral, social and cultural development?
  • Are respect, courtesy and positivity mutually encouraged by staff and pupils?
  • Are activities offered which encourage participation by all pupils?

Types of activity could include Wake And Shake, Change 4 Life, and cycle training. These may also be linked to wider agendas such as inequality, obesity, safety, attendance and improving behaviour.

Options for adressing the provision

You have completed your self-review and one of the areas for development is health-focused physical activity provision. Below are some options of how you could use the PE and Sport Premium to address this need:

Option 1 – Establish new or additional Change4Life Sports Clubs

Option 2 – Introduce health mentors to the school

Option 3 – Introduce a cycle training scheme to the school

Where to find support

You could find support by your local school sport partnership / School Games Organiser.


The five Oxfordshire School Games Organisers are responsible for:

Participation: Drive participation in School Games competition and increase the number of young people taking part in competition across all levels.

Competition for all: Develop competitive opportunities for all, including the least active.

Clubs: Increase regular participation in club sport and involve the least active through Change 4 Life Sports Clubs and increase links to local clubs.

Workforce: Broaden participation opportunities through volunteering and workforce roles.

Performance: Establish key performance indicators, target delivery and review progress on a termly basis.