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In The Zone: Funding

Oxfordshire Sport and Physical Activity is not a grant-making body, and generally does not have funds directly available to clubs or individuals. However, from time to time we do distribute programme funding and any information will be available here.

However, if you need funding related to physical activity or sport there are a number of different options available. Sponsorship, fundraising and applying for grants are some of the possibilities.

We are happy to offer support and advice to help you with your funding application including our free guide to funding for sport and physical activity which can be downloaded below.

For any funding related queries please contact us at funding@oxfordshiresport.org or call 01865 252726.

Support Offer

Potential Funders Consultation

If you have already looked through our free funding guide but still think you need some extra assistance, then this could be the service for you. Via a telephone or email consultation, you will be directly signposted to any potential funding opportunities based on your project / funding needs, in addition to those opportunities covered in our free core service.


Detailed Funding Opportunities Assessment

If you are new to the funding process and have already looked through our free funding guide, you may decide you need additional support in knowing which funding opportunities to apply for. As a part of this robust service, you will be required to send us a detailed outline of your project / funding needs, along with any supplementary documentation which would support your application. We then do the hard part for you, looking through all of the available possible funding opportunities for you and matching your project against all relevant criteria, before presenting you with a detailed summary of what pots of funding you are eligible to apply for.


Application Review

If you have found the right funding opportunity that meets your needs, but are maybe a little bit unsure about your application, then this could be the service for you. As a part of the application review process, you will be required to send us a copy (or give us access to) your application form. We will then look through your application and highlight areas which we believe need to be re-written in order to increase your chances of success, giving advice on what to include.

*Included in this offer is a review of up to 4 drafts and telephone / email support.


Advanced Application Review

The Advanced Application Review service is the same as the above offer; however, we will make all of the recommended corrections for you!

*Unlike the basic offer, this is a fully paid for service, regardless of the success of your application.


Grant Writing

If you don't feel confident about writing, or don't have the time to write, your own funding application, then this could be the service for you. With our Grant Writing service, send us your project details and all accompanying documentation, and we'll do the rest.

£150.00 per day